Las Toallitas (Chicago 1992-2001): Volcano and Mayham Among the Desert Thieves (Melon Melt Records) featuring Max Callahan (vocals, keys, violin), Ned Folkerth (drums, percussion, vocals, rap), Doug Brush (tabla, mallots), Kristin McGee (saxophones, clarinet), Randy Farr (percussion, vocals), Bruce Krippner (bass), Athanasios Zervas (sax, clarinet), Carrie Biolo (mallets). Press. Songs: The Fez Collector, Rock the Pineal, Redmoon Tango, Fetch the Rack.

Nerve Tonic (Chicago 2000-2002) Nerve Tonic EP (2000) featuring Kristin McGee (vocals, keys, saxophones), Shannon O’Brien (drums), Ned Folkerth and Shannon O’Brien (drums), Rahul Sharma and Jason Lensink (bass), Rikky McRae (vocals). Compositions by Kristin McGee. Songs: Stone Marrow.

Tinsel Trio (Chicago 2001-2003) featuring Kristin McGee (saxophone), George Lawler (drums) John Collins (bass). Electronics and compositions by Kristin McGee. SongsDub that – live at 3030.

Funkadesi (Chicago 1995-2003). Uncut Roots (2006) featuring Rahul Sharma (bass, sitar), Mishac Silas (drums, percussion), Maninder Singh (tablas), Inder Paul Singh (keys, vocals) Abdul Hakeem (guitar), Radhika Chimata (vocals), Valroy Dawkins (vocals), Carlos Cornier (percussion), Kristin McGee (alto and soprano saxophone). Songs: Funky Wrench – Live at Martyrs in Chicago.

Blue Turtle Tea Party (Chicago 1997-2003). Imaginary Friend (1997) featuring Shannon O’Brien (drums, vocals), Aras Butunis (keys), Jay Lensik (bass), Kristin McGee (saxophones), Ben Noyes (cello). Songs: Imaginary Friend; Hermot.


X-Text (University of Chicago, director Mwata Bowden 1996-1998). Songs: Playing Field of the Celestial Giants, Plattitudes

Ulele (Chicago 1996-1998). World Music, afrobeat group featuring Stone and others.



Hora Est (Groningen 2008-present). Multi-media project featuring Kristin McGee (composition, saxophones, spoken word), SJ Moenendaar (text, concepts, spoken word), Bram Staats (production, soundscapes, bass, percussion) Johanz (production). Songs:  Disorientation – Ibn Arabi (2008), No Reply – Ibn Arabi (2009),  and the Birds – De Æsir(2009), King’s Mines – De Æsir (2010), Dig to the Core (Reprise) – De Dewa Ruci (2011). Full Project: Het ‘ja en nee’ van Ibn Arabi 2009 (Ibn Arabi’s ‘yes and no’) (film and music), De Aesir – Een Westwaartse Reis (2009) – The Aesir – A westbound journey (film and music), Zoet en Wreed (2010), De Dewa Ruci (2011).


Redmoon Theater. Music for Redmoon’s annual Winter Pageant. Select songs composed and performed by Kristin McGee, Mark Messing (tenor saxophone), Shannon O’Brien (drums), Doug Brush (vibes), John Steinman (bells and drums). Songs: Dreamers – Redmoon’s Winter Pageant.


  1. Mass for soprano saxophone and choir (live 2010)
  2. University of Chicago Gamelan Ensemble (solo for saxophone and gamelan)

Performance Workshops

Trading Fours: Jazz in its Mileu

  1. Kristin (alto) and Rahul (bass) – Chicago Jazz Workshop 2001
  2. Kristin (soprano) and Dana (drums) – Chicago Jazz Workshop 2001

Guest Appearances

John  Shirley (electronic composer) – “Passage To…” (Sonic Ninjutsu 2004 Cycling 74)

Mongrel (Chicago Band) – “Touch the Leper” (EP 2002)

The M’s (Chicago Band) – “Banishment of Love” (EP 2003)

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